MP - Pocket pack marker book

Applications :

Marker book is made of durable Nylon cloth material with an aggressive adhesive. The strong adhesive and flexible material assure to wrap around the wire and (able for providing clear and durable identification. Meanwhile, it resists moisture, dirt and oil. Each book contains 10 pieces with legend 0-9, A-z, 0-15, 1-45, 46-90,+,-, /. Special legends on request. Convenient design
and Size for fitting into your pocket for travel to the job.

Part NoLegendQty
AE 270-945 ea
AE 28A-Z,0-15,+,-,/10 ea
AE 291-4510 ea
AE 3046-9010 ea
AE 351-15
6 ea
4 ea
2 ea
AE 361,2,3,A,B,C
45 ea
30 ea