Wire Crimp Connectors

Applications :

CRIMP protects splices from water and corrosion. Providing strain relief and against vibration in rugged environments, which excellently insulates and protects electronic connections. It offer long-term performance, easy installation, and a low installed cost, which is more reliable than conventional crimp terminals.

Approvals / Specifications:

UL486C File no. E359300

Color : 

Standard Color : Red, Blue, Yellow

Heat shrinkable butt splice connectors
Part NumberNominal Size
Wire RangeStandard Color
ABLA.W.G. (mm2)
GBS-14.71.73522-18 (0.5-1.0)Red
GBS-25.72.43616-14 (1.5-2.5)Blue
GBS-36.73.64212-10 (4.0-6.0)Yellow


PropertySpecification RequirementsTest condition
Un-agedTensile strengthMin. 16MPaRoom temp.
ElongationMin. 200%
AgedTensile strengthMin. 11.5MPa150℃/7 days
ElongationMin. 100%
Voltage withstand and breakdown Voltage(Un-aged)Withstand 2.5 KV for 1minute and breakdownRoom temp.
Voltage withstand and breakdown Voltage(Aged)Withstand 2.5 KV for 1minute and breakdown at least half of un-aged breakdown voltage150℃/7 days
Copper corrosionNo corrosion of bare copper150℃/7 days
Copper stabilityNo sign of degradation Min. Elongation 100%150℃/7 days
Cold bendNo crack-40℃/4 hrs
Maximum secant modulus(2%)250 MPa-
Volume resistivityMin.1014Ω-cm-
Heat shockNo crack200℃/4 hrs

  • Shrinkable Ratio:3:1
  • Polyamide hot-melt adhesive provides excellent waterproof property
  • Excellent stretch and mechanical damage resistance
  • Ideally translucent provides tensile strength
  • High elasticity keeps steady performance
Crimping tool : G-APEX  P/N CT2005