BSWP - PET Expandable Wrap Braided Cable Sleeving

Applications :

Made from PET monofilament yarns. Hook and loop design must apply for variety of bundle diameters and irregular shapes that enables easy and quick on and of installation and most suitable for double-ended closed cable, wire and hose assemblies.

Approvals / Specifications :

UL File no. E304566( for FR series)
Patent No. : ZL20052o120466.1

Operating temperature range

Operating temperature : -50oC ~ 125oC

Color : 

Standard Color : black (other colors, special size, cut pieces are available on request

Flame retardant material
Part No.SizeOpening expansion width
Hook & Loop Width
Packing Feet (M)/R
BSWP-FR112.71/2"2.16” (55)1365ft (20m)
BSWP-FR219.13/4"2.75” (70)1365ft (20m)
BSWP-FR331.81 1/4"4.72” (120)2065ft (20m)
Non-Flame retardant
BSWP-112.71/2"2.16” (55)1365ft (20m)
BSWP-219.13/4"2.75” (70)1365ft (20m)
BSWP-331.81 1/4"4.72” (120)2065ft (20m)

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value
Heat resistance150˚C/240 hrsBreaking strength before aging is 50% and more.
Melting TemperatureASTM D 276250℃
Low Temperature Flexibility-50˚C/4 hrsNo Cracking
FlammabilityUL 224VW-1(FR series)

  • UV light resistant
  • Not affected by most chemicals and solvents
  • The hook and loop keep high cycle life
  • Light weight and flexible for easy installation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance