BSPET - PET Expandable Braided Sleeving

Applications :

Designed from PEI monofilament yams, high ratio expansion enables quick and easy installation over wires. It’s mainly used in industrial wire bundle, and cable protection.

Approvals / Specifications:

UL File no. E304566 (Flame retardant material)

Operating temperature range:

Operating temperature: BSPET: -50oC ~ 125oC
BSPETFR:  -50oC ~ 150oC

Color : 

Standard Color : Black (other colors and sizes are available on request)

Flame retardant material
Part No.Nominal Size (mm)Expansion Range DIAEndsPacking (M)/R
Min (mm)Max (mm)
BSPETFR0032-13.2±12.376.3511000ft(305 M )/R
BSPETFR0064-36.4±23.179.5331000ft(305 M )/R
BSPETFR0095-39.5±24.7615.883500ft(153 M )/R
BSPETFR0127-312.7±26.3519.053500ft(153 M )/R
BSPETFR0191-319.1±312.7031.753250ft(77 M)/R
BSPETFR0320-332.0±319.0538.13250ft(77 M)/R
BSPETFR0381-438.1±325.457.154200ft(61 M)/R
BSPETFR0445-444.5±331.7569.854200ft(61 M)/R
BSPETFR0500-550.0±344.5755200ft(61 M)/R
Non-Flame retardant
BSPET0032-13.2±12.376.3511000ft(305 M )/R
BSPET0064-36.4±23.179.5331000ft(305 M )/R
BSPET0095-39.5±24.7615.883500ft(153 M )/R
BSPET0127-312.7±26.3519.053500ft(153 M )/R
BSPET0191-319.1±312.7031.753250ft(77 M)/R
BSPET0320-332.0±319.0538.13250ft(77 M)/R
BSPET0381-438.1±325.457.154200ft(61 M)/R
BSPET0445-444.5±331.7569.854200ft(61 M)/R
BSPET0500-550.0±344.5755200ft(61 M)/R

PropertyTest MethodTypical Value
Heat resistanceISO R188 175˚C /168 HrsBreaking strength before aging is 80%.
Melting TemperatureASTM D 276265℃
FlammabilityUL 224VW-1(FR series)
Abrasion TestSTL S21 5101None-broken after 144000 cycles.
Solvent Resistance16726-F01Pass

  • UV light resistance.
  • Light weight and flexible and high ratio expansion.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance and flame retardant.