A2F Ex “d”

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Size : 16mm to 90mm & ½” to 3½”

Standard : EN/IEC 60079-0:2012+A11:2013/2011, EN/IEC 60079-1:2014, EN/IEC 60079-7:2015, EN/IEC 60079-31:2014/2013

Function : Providing flameproof seal on outer sheaths of all types of unarmoured cable in indoor and outdoor hazardous area.

IECEx Certificate No. : IECEx ITS 16.0041X

ATEX Certificate No. : ITS16ATEX100935X

Code of Protection : Ex db IIC Gb, Ex eb IIC Gb, Ex tb IIIC Db

Ingress Protection : IP67 as per EN 60529.

Operating Temp. : -60°C to +125°C

Material : Brass CW614N/CW617N/EN12165, Stainless Steel 316L

Thread : Metric, NPT, BSP, ET and PG

Features : Outer Displacement Seal

Seal Material : LSOH Silicone Seal & LSOH Nylon Washer

Accessories : PVC Shroud, Earth Tag, Thread Seal, Adaptor & Reducer, Serrated Washer